Paradise on the boat (POTB) is a private yacht charter for various types of event and vacation suited for your preference. We have hosted a broad range of events and your satisfaction on yachting experience is what fuels us to do what we do. We stand as more than a yacht charter service—we are custodians of the seas, committed to reliability and excellence. Beyond delivering unforgettable voyages, our mission extends to expose Indonesia's marine beauty.

Embark on a journey with us to witness the wonders of sea life in these pristine waters. As we navigate the archipelago's stunning landscapes, we not only provide a reliable yacht charter service but also actively contribute to the growth of Indonesia's tourism economy. Each adventure with us is an opportunity to not only indulge in luxury but also play a part in sustaining the beauty of Indonesia's marine ecosystems and fostering economic prosperity through responsible tourism. Join us on a voyage where the allure of the sea meets the promise of a brighter future for Indonesia's tourism industry.



Paradise on the boat mission is to support Indonesia as an archipelago country, rotates the country's economy in the tourism sector and introduce the natural beauty of Indonesia to the public. We want to deliver the best experience to our clients, with our dedication to serving our guests.


The vision of Paradise on the boat is to be the Indonesia’s leading yacht charter. We believe that our values ​​are the key to the success of a tourism company and will continue to embrace these values ​​as we face new challenges.